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I like that it left the viewer with some blanks to fill in for themselves. Or do you think your show needs a more conclusive finale?I think there will be loose ends of some kind, and that’s a part of the appeal: If there are blanks you’re left to fill in, or speculation, that’s part of the fun of it. Let’s get into season eight: One theory that’s emerging is that Dexter was never a psychopath, that Dr. Because she keeps saying things to Dexter about how he’s not supposed to feel empathy or love — but he does feel those things. I think there’s a gray area from the beginning; we’re meant to be skeptical from the outset regarding Dexter’s claim that he’s a monster, pure and simple.Also part of me wonders if the girls want to use their gender/looks/youth to score free lodging from chumps who want to get some, but then ultimately turn down any attempts to get fresh with them. "Couple of laid back guys here with space for one more (female preferably). I posted a hotel room reservation I was gonna transfer to whoever wanted it, but when I talked to the girl who was going to take it a little bit more, I offered to let her stay in our room instead. I just was in a position to help someone else out and so I took the chance.

This really screams "Sex for lodging" without directly saying it, but then I also wonder if these girls are just naive. How many girls are dumb enough to believe that a random guy is going to let them stay for free without wanting something in return? Has anyone here actually let one of these young girls stay with them? If the thread was started from the other perspective it would be very very creepy... Some of us really do just want to do nice things for the sake of it.

Top executives at one of America’s most prominent Olympic organizations failed to alert authorities to many allegations of sexual abuse by coaches — relying on a policy that enabled predators to abuse gymnasts long after USA Gymnastics had received warnings.

An Indy Star investigation uncovered multiple examples of children suffering the consequences, including a Georgia case in which a coach preyed on young female athletes for seven years after USA Gymnastics dismissed the first of four warnings about him.

There are eight episodes left of Dexter and the series has a lot to wrap up: Who is Dr. The only finale that I watched in real time that I was invested in was The Sopranos. I don’t think it’s realistic to think that all potential questions will be answered.

And will Deb ever forgive her brother — and herself — for their sins, or is she resigned to a life of driving Dexter into lakes only to rescue him moments later? Hall about the show's march to the finish line, whether he thinks it can have as satisfying an ending as Six Feet Under, and if there's sexual tension between Dex and Vogel — or if that's just him and Charlotte Rampling being their naturally sexy selves. Have you ever gotten so invested in a show that a finale felt like an event for you? I think we will do something that is in some way bold and, at least on some fronts, definitive.

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