Rich men dating poor women

That’s a huge disparity, and while the gap is a little surprising, the findings are not.The article on Market Watch does a pretty good job of explaining why.At some point along the way of psychotherapy, I usually ask my patients what they want to achieve in their lives.Very commonly, they reply that, among other things, they would like to be married.You may wish to hire a professional matchmaker or join a dating site that will pair you with a wealthy female.Make an effort to attend exclusive galas, ritzy gallery openings, or museum events.No more scrimping and scraping to make your annual Roth IRA contribution.

Work hard, take risks, maybe build your own business. Of course, there's another highly traditional path to acquiring wealth that isn't talked about quite as much these days: Marry money. As in not a mere millionaire (a dime a dozen these days) but an honest-to-goodness billionaire - make that 10 figures after the dollar sign, please.They have fantasies of how much better life would be for them if only they were rich.Wouldn’t marrying a rich person be like winning the lottery?Unlike men, she says, “a woman’s ego cannot bear to tolerate a man using her for her money.She needs to know she is loved—rich or poor—flaws and all.” As a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women, I’ve seen this up close, and think that this is a genuine obstacle for women to overcome.

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Here’s the paragraph that hit home for me: “Why are wealthy divorced women more likely to decide to remain single?

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