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The process then starts executing bytes in the exe file.

However, the only way the process can use or set '-' values in its VAS is to ask the OS to map them to bytes from a file.

What I did do, was to ring Western Union, talked to their fraud department, told them I thought I'd been scammed by a man pretending to be a woman, and they have blacklisted the name I sent the money to, so at least for that particular identity, he won't be able to get any money from Western Union again.Allocating memory via C's malloc establishes the page file as the backing store for any new virtual address space.However, a process can also explicitly map file bytes.In addition to this unit, replacements for regiments already in Canada, the families of the soldiers being sent abroad, several government officials and numerous private passengers also took passage.The ships were a mix of small warships, government owned transports and private merchantmen gathered together with the hope of safety in numbers from the large number of French privateers which were operating against British shipping at this time.

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