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He was often late for our dates, or cancelled altogether.

He was constantly apologising for having to take calls, or for failing to show up with no good explanation.

They are careful about what type of information they divulge but if they are, say, your brother - in-law and it's Christmas Eve dinner, you're going to hear some great stories and you'll know not to share them because you don't want them to lose their job.

That means when the shooting starts and everyone is ducking you're making yourself as big as possible to get in the way of the bullets.

If you just need an example of how well it's ingrained in the training process, just watch the 1981 Reagan shooting and watch Tim Mc Carthy, one his agents. When you look at Mc Carthy there is no thinking, he just does it. They would say: if there's a gunshot, I'll grab the president, turn left, go down the hallway.

I'd like to give you a romantic description of the average work day, thinking: "You're under fire, you're fearing death." But you don't want to operate like that day-to-day. I was on for the last years of the George W Bush presidency and by that point he'd been pretty much Secret Serviced out.

His father was the president, he had been protected as governor of Texas, and by then he was nearing the end of a two-term presidency.

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There's no hard-and-fast rule on when the Secret Service stops protecting the loser. but typically, agents say sayonara to the loser about a week after the election.

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