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One of our greatest advantages to online dating sites is our ability to personally vouch for whom we set you up with. You may think your chatting with a single guy from Dublin, but in reality he might be a happily married man of 20 years.Here are some stats on online cheaters and some tips on how to spot a one.And, two website founders try to make an impact on infidelity in America. Phil explains that the reason he wanted to intervene with this couple was because of their children. Phil reads comments their 10-year-old twins made during a videotaped interview that Emerald conducted. Phil offers resources for Emerald and Shawn to work on their marriage. Noel is the CEO and founder of Ashley, a dating website for married people seeking affairs.Emerald says her husband of eight years, Shawn, has cheated on her with at least 78 women, and his continued infidelity is tearing apart their family. Phil makes it clear to Emerald that she’s not responsible for her husband turning outside their marriage. One child says, “‘I have told Dad he needs to choose between us and this other baby. “We created Ashley Madison to create a safe place so that people could have affairs more discreetly,” Noel says.We looked at what was on TV at that moment and it seemed to us to be very attributable to “The Simpsons,’” he said.Biderman added that Ashley Madison officials also noticed an increase in Google searches for the site around the same time.

But at least one tool, which searches by email address, returns accurate results.Depending on the online dating site, you will find a varied percentage of online cheaters.There are even some sites that we will leave unnamed that specifically cater to those who are married and want to cheat.Stolen files are posted on the Dark Web (which requires a special web browser called Tor).And they’re traded on file-sharing platforms (which also requires special software and clicking on dubious downloads).

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