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The way I organized it, the user inputs a value (read into the variable int user_input), and the program does something based on that. I cut out from the beginning and the end, but I'm assuming just about everything but the while() loop is irrelevant.) (As I said, user_input is an int, not a char, as it probably should be. enter an int (0 to quit): 123asdf buffer not consumed!

If this entire cookbook focuses primarily on preventing malicious inputs, then why do we have a chapter of recipes specifically devoted to this topic?With string validation, we accept all user input as a string, and then accept or reject that string depending on whether it is formatted appropriately.For example, if we ask the user to enter a telephone number, we may want to ensure the data they enter has ten digits.If an error occurs and a stream is set to anything other than goodbit, further stream operations on that stream will be ignored.This condition can be cleared by calling the clear() function.

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